How do I create an account as a professional? 

Step 1:

Start your computer, laptop or iPad.

We do not test the NiceDay portal on mobile phones or other tablets and therefore cannot guarantee that it will work as expected.

Step 2: 

Make sure you do not open NiceDay inside an EPD (e.g. Citrix) or other online work environments. Connecting to a VPN (VPNs are often used to access online work environments at home or to protect privacy) can also cause connection problems. 

Step 3: 

Start up the internet browser: Google Chrome, Firefox or OperaEdge or Safari

Open up the web portal: in your browser, and click on ‘‘register’’.

Note: We only test NiceDay with Safari on iPads.

Step 4: 

Enter your name, your work email address, and a new password. 

Your password must have a minimum of 10 characters, use both uppercase and lowercase letters, contain a number and symbol (e.g. !, @, &, ^). 

Click on ‘’register my account’’. 

Step 5: 

Choose the organisation you are currently working for out of the options listed and click ‘’join this organisation’’. 

Don't see your organisation listed? Send us a message at, we will be happy to help you further! 

Step 6:

Wait for an authentication email from the NiceDay Team. 

In the meantime you can edit your biography and upload a photo to your NiceDay profile. 

Once you have completed the authentication process via email, you are ready to get started!

Step 7:

Do you want to learn more about working with NiceDay? You can read our instruction manuals under the tab ‘Knowledge & Help’ in the NiceDay webportal, and watch a number of example videos here.  

Step 8: 

Are you having technical problems working with NiceDay? Is your camera not working, or are you having problems with the connection? Take a look at our solutions in Freshdesk and check out our extensive ‘’Knowledge & Help’’ library in the portal. The solution to your problem is probably there somewhere! 

Still having problems? Contact our support team. You can do this via “Knowledge & Help” in the portal, by emailing or calling 085-0438475. 

We wish you every success working with NiceDay!