It can be really frustrating when you're writing a registration in the NiceDay app and you get a phone call, or the app crashes and everything you've already written down is lost. Luckily you can now use drafts to make sure all your unsaved work isn't lost!

When a situation occurs that causes the app to crash or close, you can restart the app and you’ll have the option to continue your registration or save it as a draft. That way you’ll no longer have to restart your registration entirely!


All your saved drafts will appear on the ‘Track’ page in your app. A tracker with an unfinished draft will have a small ‘Draft’ icon in blue next to it. After opening the specific tracker it will appear at the top of the tracker overview. When you open a draft, you have the option to either complete the registration of the draft or discard it entirely. 

When you start a new registration for a tracker that has a saved draft, you will be given the option to continue with the draft or to create a new registration.


Note: All drafts are kept for a maximum of 14 days. After this they will automatically be deleted.  

Note: Any registrations saved as ‘drafts’ are not visible to your connected professional(s) until you have completed and saved the registration.