Step 1

Usually, this means that you or your professional do not have a good internet connection. Check your internet connection and switch between 4G and WiFi if necessary.

Step 2

No connection yet? Try closing the app and opening it again.

Step 3

Try calling your professional yourself instead of the other way around. This sometimes helps!

Step 4

Check if you have given permission to use the camera and microphone. It is possible that permission must be given again after updating your phone.

You can check this on your phone via:

  • iPhone: 'Settings' > 'Privacy' > Camera and Microphone > turn on the slider next to NiceDay.
  • Android: 'Settings' > 'Apps' > NiceDay > 'Permissions' > Camera and microphone must be turned on.

Step 5

Still experiencing problems? Send us a message via 'Ask your question' at the bottom of this page or call on working days on 010-30 30 600. We will be happy to help you!