Under the heading 'Track' you will find the Thought record button. Tap on this. Then press on the plus button (+ Registeren) at the bottom of the page to create a Thought record. There are 3 steps to completing the thought record. Between each step, you can choose to continue filling in or to stop and save your progress.

Step 1

Fill in the five headings below. The first three are mandatory, the last two are optional. The more steps you fill in, the more insight you can get.

  • Event: Describe what happened. The activity or thoughts. Keep it factual, where were you, with whom, what happened.
  • Feeling: There are 5 options for basic emotions. If you click on one, you can indicate how intense the emotion was on a scale from 0 to 100%. You don't have to click on all the emotions, just choose the ones that apply to you. These questions can help you fill this in: What did I feel?
  • Thoughts: here you can describe the automatic thoughts that preceded the feeling. These questions can help you to fill this in: what was I thinking? What was going through my head? What did I think/say to myself? What was my perspective on the situation? 
  • Behavior: Describe how you behaved: What did I do? How did I react?
  • Consequences: Describe what happened next: What consequence did this have? What was the result of this behavior?

Click on 'next' at the bottom of the screen to complete step 1. You can now choose to proceed to step 2 by pressing 'Save and go to step 2', or stop (for now) by tapping 'Save Thought record'.

Step 2

Step 2 consists of two parts:

  • In the first part of step 2, choose your main negative thought. This is the thought that evokes the most negative feelings. Choose from the thoughts you entered in step 1, these are also displayed here as a reminder. Indicate how credible this thought is to you, thus how strongly you believe this thought on a scale of 1-100%. Click "Next" to go to the second part. If you click on 'Back' you will go back to Step 1.
  • In the second part, you can examine and challenge your thought to see if it is realistic. You can do this on the basis of the seven questions that you will see here. You must complete at least three of the seven questions. Questions 1a and 1b count as one completed question and are mandatory. Click on 'Next' at the bottom to complete step 2.

You can now choose to proceed to step 3 'Save and go to step 3' or stop and 'Save Thought record'. You can then complete your Thought record later!

Step 3

Step 3 also consists of several parts.

  • After challenging the negative automatic thought, formulate a more realistic alternative thought. An alternative thought is more neutral or positive than your original thought, and can help you in similar situations because it evokes fewer negative feelings. Write it down here and then indicate how believable this thought is on a scale of 1-100%.
  • Click on 'next' to continue to the second part in which you reflect back on your old thought. Here you indicate on a scale of 1-100% how credible your old thought is now.
  • Click 'next' to continue to the results of your first thought.
  • Click 'next' to see your alternative thought.
  • Click on 'next' to complete step 3. You have now completely filled in the Thought record!