With the help of NiceDay you will learn to understand your problems and gain insight into your difficulties. You can use the app independently or get support from a professional. NiceDay is a science-based service, developed by experts in the field of depression, anxiety and stress, which you can use to take small steps towards lasting solutions!

In this manual you will find a step-by-step explanation of the app and all possible functionalities. 

Table of contents

1. Downloading the NiceDay app

2. Creating an account

3. Track

    3.1 Registering feelings

        3.1.1 Mood registration

        3.1.2 Setting a reminder

    3.2 Step count

        3.2.1 Setting a step goal

    3.3 Diary

        3.3.1 Setting a reminder

        3.3.2 Creating a diary registration

    3.4 Meeting notes

    3.5 Thought records

        3.5.1 Setting a reminder

        3.5.2 Creating a Thought record

4. Plan

    4.1 Schedule an activity

5. Support

    5.1 GGZ institution

    5.2 Anonymous help

    5.3 Chats

    5.4 Contacts

    5.5 Archive

6. Profile

    6.1 Edit personal information

    6.2 Settings

7. Frequently asked questions