By making registrations you can capture the most important moments in your life and gain insight into your thoughts, feelings and progress. You can do this by using different trackers. For example, you can keep track of how active you are, your mood or each day by writing in your diary.

  • Go to "Track" to make your first registration.
  • On the overview page you can see how many registrations you have made that day with each of the trackers separately. Do you want to view registrations from an earlier date? View this separately under the different trackers.
  • The different trackers are:
    • Feelings: here you can keep track of your mood and feelings.
    • Steps: here you will find all information about the  amount of steps you have taken.
    • Diary: here you can make diary notes or write down things you want to say.
    • Meeting notes: here you can make meeting notes and find meeting notes your practitioner has left.
    • Thought record: here you can create and complete a thought record as well as challenge your thoughts. 

Would you like to view earlier registrations? View them seperately under the different trackers.